“One Sentence That Transformed My Life” – TEDxNHS 2019 [Video]

I wanted to post my TEDx talk from TEDxNHS 2019 which is so relevant to the subject matter of this blog – living life, talking about dying, accepting our own mortality, making preparations for life and end of life, and good experience of health and care, including good communication from healthcare professionals.

One thought on ““One Sentence That Transformed My Life” – TEDxNHS 2019 [Video]

  1. I want to say “You are a truly amazing and inspirational person”
    But something in your character tells me you’ll appreciate the comment, but a little voice inside your head will be going “Yeah, I’m amazing etc. That’s all very nice to hear, but have you nothing more original to say though??!”
    Thank you for standing up and talking about this x

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