Poem: I cannot be, but I am enough (2018)

You can be 

anything you want to be

in your dreams

but can you be

anything you want to be

in real life? 

You can succeed

how you want to succeed

if you work hard,

put your mind to it,

and you try.

If you do not try

you will never succeed

only fail

and never achieve all that you want. 

I succeed

by trying every day

to achieve what I want to achieve,

working hard,

making sacrifices,

to do good for myself and others.

I cannot walk

I cannot run

I cannot do everything

but I can write 

and I can speak

and make that meaningful

by making a difference.

I cannot be the doctor

I always wanted to be

I cannot be an athlete

Or a million different things

But I can do what I can do

and that’s enough for me.

I just want to be happy

To leave a mark

on a world

that is

slowly destructing itself,

to be a positive light

in a room of darkness

to give hope

and life to others.

(c) Lucy Watts MBE. Written 2018.

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