Poem: Longing For Life (2021)

I’m living on the edge; how can I do this? 

Life slipping from my grasp like sand through fingers

I don’t want to die; I don’t want to miss

Yet at this moment, so fragile, my life only lingers

I look at others and feel pangs of jealousy

They have so much life and I am barely here

I have so much to live for that they should see

I don’t want to leave those I hold dear

Life is so tiring, my energy low, my body weak

Living in limbo, neither here nor gone

Yet still, in this state, it is life that I seek

Death is expected, yet for life I still long

Surviving against the odds, I’ve lived a great life

Each day lived fully; every day treasured

I lived and loved and laughed through strife

Can the worth of my life truly be measured?

Alas, I am stuck here in the in-between

Alive, but not quite, visible but unseen.

(c) Lucy Watts MBE. Written 2021.

30 thoughts on “Poem: Longing For Life (2021)

  1. Lucy. You are truly amazing. Sending all our love to you. Thinking of you 😘😘😘😘

  2. Sitting here in tears reading this Lucy. you are the strongest, bravest and upbeat woman I have ever had the pleasure to meet.. You always look for the positives not the negatives, yo are always there to lend a listening ear and offer advice. Sending you so much love to you xxx

  3. Beautiful and heartbreaking, you have lived a wonderful life, to fullest – in your time already lived more than many who make it to 75+ years old. I really appreciate you sharing these honest feelings.

  4. Wishing with every fibre of my body that you were not stuck in this awful limbo situation. You are in my thoughts Lucy. xx

  5. Oh Lucy my heart goes out to you. I do not know how to respond, and as I know on one can really understand what it is like. All I can say is your life has been incredibly worthwhile you are hugely loved and you have loved so much There is so much value and joy in that. My prayers, my love go out for you. You are a brave and courageous young woman. I salute you With lots of love and hugs. Peter xxx

  6. A very moving and articulate poem Lucy.
    We are thinking of you and sending strength and love to you
    You are truly an inspiration.
    Love from Carol & Nigel xxx

  7. Dear Lucy,

    You are an incredible human being and your life has touched many of us. Even now you find the love and strength to continue to share your journey with us.

    Until I met you in Brighton at the rally a couple of years ago I only knew you through your social media page but you beautiful message to me years ago when my dog (Presley) passed away truly touched my soul. Meeting you and Miss Molly at the beach after the rally (albeit briefly) was a true honour for me.

    The way you have continued to live a fulfilling life and advocate for others despite your own health issues is a shining example of what love and compassion can achieve.

    I hope that you will be able to stay a while longer but appreciate your honesty about your condition & understand that each day is to be treasured.

    Just know you are surrounded by love from many of us. 💕

  8. Lucy is amazing I got to hear about her when my daughter worked for J’s Hospice. Her
    poem is so Lucy our thoughts and prayers are with her.

  9. Wow lucy this is very powerful love you lots and always in my thoughts , a young girl with so much passion you amaze me and danny every day xxx

  10. Oh Lucy, this breaks my heart. I really hope you can get back to a life worth living and the important words you have to share xxx

  11. Dear Lucy
    May the peace which surpasses human understanding overflow you. May His divine healing overcome you , Doctors cure but there is a Mighty Righteous Right Hand that heals . May you receive restoration and rejuvenation of every cell, tissue, organ and system that is playing up. Avalanche of blessings.

    Love you lots

  12. Sending love and prayers Lucy. You are an inspiration to so many.

    Love to you, Kate and Vicky

  13. This is beautiful. I pray for your healing. Anyone with this outlook on life, willing to fight with just a grain hope…deserves to survive the fight. I know God hears you. He is suffering with you. He loves you. He WILL take care of you. God bless you. Stay strong, and positive!

  14. Dear Lucy xx
    It is a deeply moving poem that pours out your emotions.
    Your poem evokes powerful emotions… For many days now, I have thought, at such a young age, look at all that you’ve endured and achieved.
    And now, the blog and all that you are still doing. Even as you face the unknown, you give us this poem.
    Reading your poem in ways is heartbreaking. The poem is written beautifully. Each of your words Lucy, is expressed so well. You have shared your journey with us. It requires grace & courage.
    Just like everything you do, this is a touching gem. Thank you.
    I wish you peace and sending you and your family my love 🌷🤗🙏

  15. Such an endearing poem, so sad yet humbling. Why does a lovely woman have to endure such pain and anguish. Your life has given so so much to others, highlighting how a person’s life can be lived giving your all to life and love of life. Your a truly remarkable young woman.

    1. Moving and beautiful words from one who so values and treasures life’s every measured moment.

  16. Beautiful poem!
    We think of you and your family every day. We admire you all very much. We especially admire your willingness to share your knowledge.
    Your contributions have been and will continue to be extremely valuable to people that are healthy and/or ill.
    Your accomplishments are admired by so many. We are crossing our fingers that you can find some answers soon and get some relief and feel some energy.
    We are quite a distance from you here in Lewes, Delaware, US but you are always close in our thoughts!

  17. Lucy, I have followed your story for some time, I have admired your courage, talent and sheer life force. You are amazing, and this poem is incredibly moving. I just wish I had to power to make you well. You are an inspiration.

  18. Lucy you are an inspiration to all who are unwell, showing what can be achieved., your poem touches our hearts and your work and words are felt in our hearts.
    Praying for you with love ❤️

  19. I am sending you positive vibes and best wishes. Thank you for everything you have done and sharing your journey. Your a truly remarkable young woman.

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